I Started a Garden Diary

A few weeks ago I started a garden diary. I’ve been reading Beth Chatto’s Garden Notebook, a book that was comprised using planting notes from her garden diary. She made simple entries like ‘sowed seed of Salvia, Victoria Blue undercover’ etc. And I have decided to do the same.

I suppose this blog is a garden diary of sorts but I don’t write about absolutely everything I do in the garden, mainly because some things are not very visually interesting. But… I do want to remember everything I do so I can compare where I am ‘up to’ each year. And also I can check if I’ve missed anything.

So I will be publishing my garden diary here in text format. I think the best way to do it would be to publish the entries for each week, rather than each day. Here are the entries for last week.

Diary :

9th March 2014
– sowed Chilli Pepper (NuMex) on heat pad
– sowed Eggplant/Aubergine (Black Beauty) on heat pad
– sowed Pepper (Mini) on heat pad

12th March 2014
In Garden
– sowed Peas (Green Arrow)

– potted on Broccoli (Waltham 29)
– sowed Alyssum (Oriental Nights)
– sowed Tomato (Gardener’s Delight) on heat pad
– sowed Tomato (Black Krim) on heat pad
– sowed Tomato (Yellow Pear) on heat pad
– sowed Feverfew

14th March 2014
– potted on Kale (Scarlet)
– sowed Leeks (American Flag)

In Garden
– sowed Beets (Burpee’s Golden)

15th March 2014
– potted on Cauliflower (Chef’s Choice)
– potted on Bee Balm
– chitting early Potatoes (French Fingerling)

In Garden
– planted out Broadbeans (Aquadulce) – sowed 25th Feb

4 Comments on “I Started a Garden Diary

  1. I started a garden log a couple of years back; it’s interesting to see what I grew in previous years, what worked, what didn’t. I also record the number of seeds sown, seed suppliers and the weather. This year we’re having a warm spring, last year we were still under snow at this time! Amazing that you’ve planted out your broad beans only 18 days after sowing – is it warm in Portland?

  2. I like this idea, I often start to do this electronically somehow but then it just becomes a bit of a faff so I lose interest…

    …maybe I should try it on paper too!

  3. I also started to do this some years ago. It is so useful to see what kind of plants grow better in my garden! We are still having snow here where I live! Is it always warm spring in Portland?

  4. I think this is a lovely idea… something I keep meaning to do, but have never started. Both my grandmothers kept garden journals. Thanks for the inspiration to get started!