Loving Every Minute of this Frost

I feel a bit lost at this time of year. I’m a bit nesh (look it up) when it comes to cold weather. I don’t like to go outside. And when I do I’m shocked by how muddy, dirty, brown, and dying everything is. I usually run back inside and light the fire. So not much gets done at mtp in the Winter.

Unless, of course there is a frost. When that happens I get all excited and rush to the window in the morning (I can almost smell frost when I wake up). The cry goes up, “It’s frosty.” And I quickly offer to go downstairs on the pretence of making some coffee but actually take a detour to my desk, grab my camera and exit the building. Coffee can wait.

My boys are starting to catch the bug too. They follow me out armed with my best spoons to hack holes in the frozen water in the fountain. Come Spring I’ll find quite a few at the bottom of that murky water.

I love frost for so many reasons. It’s almost snow for one and there’s no mud to dampen my spirits. You can walk across the lawn without fear of wrecking it somehow and the dogs can bound about without coming in knee-deep in the brown stuff.

But more than that, it seems to brighten all the sad, sullen colours left behind by┬áSummer. My pink Hydrangea looks like some kind of cryogenically frozen brain. My Rose – This Septre’d Isle was definitely caught off guard with this one. It’s practically mid-flower!

And then the Yedda Hawthorn with its delicate pink tips. Is it just me or is that a bit┬ásuggestive? Anyway…

Frost, yes. Love it.



Above: Miniature Acer


Above: Pots filled with Mint


Above: This Septre’d Isle Rose thought it was Summer. Doh!


Above: Yedda Hawthorn – ever so slow growing but just lovely in all seasons.


Above: The dinosaurs seem to be doing well, but then they’ve seen it all before.


Above: Our heating system creates a mist worthy of any New York sidewalk.


Above: Box bushes, the kitchen garden stand-by, do look fetching dusted in a bit of frost.


Above: Rose arch stopped in time.

2 Comments on “Loving Every Minute of this Frost

  1. Thank you for sharing this post! Beautiful pictures and you’ve taken us step through step through the seasons. Its lovely to see your garden grow! Keep up the blogging