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Getting into Vintage Tools

I’ve recently started buying vintage gardening tools. Previously, I had bought a set of Spear & Jackson traditional range. Not for any quality issues but purely because I liked the look of them. They have been great actually. But then I thought, rather than buying tools that look vintage, how about buying some that really are?

I figure if they have made it this far and are still in good repair they they’re pretty sturdy, right? I picked these up on eBay. The fork and trowel were around £5 each and the hedge clippers were around £9 I think. I’m very happy with them. Their handles have that smooth wood feel that only comes from years and years of use. And I love the colour of the fork.

Now I display my tools and because I like looking at them I even give them a clean now and again and have a bucket of wet sand standing by for that very purpose. I’m sure I’ll be adding to my collection. If I ‘ever’ get a greenhouse I’d like one of those long brass water sprayers.


Rain, Rain, Rain!

You know it’s wet when a snail is sitting on the latch to the shed! I know everyone is talking about it but can I just say “Meh!”. More rain today, the same as yesterday and the day before and the day before that and…

This is the first time I’ve been out to the potting shed for about a week. And I got dripped on. I need my garden back. Just an hour will do.

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