Rain, Rain, Rain!

You know it’s wet when a snail is sitting on the latch to the shed! I know everyone is talking about it but can I just say “Meh!”. More rain today, the same as yesterday and the day before and the day before that and…

This is the first time I’ve been out to the potting shed for about a week. And I got dripped on. I need my garden back. Just an hour will do.

11 Comments on “Rain, Rain, Rain!

  1. Yes, an hour will do! I managed an hour yesterday evening when it stayed dry enough to pop out and collect caulis and kale for supper. I was dismayed to see that the rain and wind have loosened the pear trees in the soil and there are masses of weeds sprouting!

  2. Yup! Everybody I know has had problems in the past ten days with the heavy rain and strong winds in certain areas. I lost nearly all my carefully nurtured runner beans within twenty four hours of transferring them from seeding indoors to the outdoor vegetable patch about a week ago. Also, only a few of the peas have survived.

    Something that does seem to be flying along really well though is a collection of gooseberries that I bought bare-root late last summer. Hinnonmaki red and yellow, and a Leveller. Sturdy and resilient little fellows these are, the two Japanese varieties already passing the blossoming phase already. Forever forward.

  3. Note to self – always drill holes in planters/containers. I’ve got some lettuce growing in an old metal window box outside. I checked it last night and it was literally floating!

    Maybe i should try some watercress….!

  4. There’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing. Dig out the wellies, waterproofs and floppy hats! I must admit to loving all the rain, especially for the poor folk in the drought stricken areas. According to the Met Office we’ve only had four months of above-average rainfall in the last 2 years, so we’re still 20 months behind…

  5. Don’t forget to be ready with the mulch as soon as the rain stops, we do have a drought, apparently.

    I’ve finally ordered a couple of water butts, so either it will rain all summer or it will stop the minute they arrive. For some reason hubby has been reluctant to have water butts before.

  6. Karin – water butts are amazing. You will not believe how much water can be collected in just a few days. I even water the plants in my coldframe from a bucket that collects the drips from the leaky potting shed roof – hmm maybe I should fix that roof.

  7. In Glossop Derbyshire where I live we are blessed with a high annual rainfall hence we have a lot of local reservoirs in the valley but believe me this last 5 weeks of constant rain has drove me to near insanity. Water shortage not in Glossop !

  8. Braved the rain this morning and went out in the garden anyway, put on wellies, waterproofs and all the rest. Have just come inside, changed into normal clothes – and the sun has just come out!

  9. Karin – Agree with mtp, you can’t have enough water butts. I have 4 x 250l butts, so can quickly gather 1000l of the liquid gold. I only have one connected to a downpipe, the others I fill from this one with trugs and watering cans. Hard work in torrential rain, but worth it as I can easily see out a 4 week dry spell. They are hidden away in other parts of the garden – back of sheds and greenhouse.
    I read somewhere that if you want to connect them together it’s best to do it at the bottom of the butt as you get more pressure building up when you open the taps.
    I also don’t mind filling up the paddling pool for my kids in the summer from the house taps because I know I can re-fill the water butts when they have finished.
    mtp – “It seemeth for rain our earlies are tender and nesh” ;) (Apologies to Chaucer).