Getting into Vintage Tools

I’ve recently started buying vintage gardening tools. Previously, I had bought a set of Spear & Jackson traditional range. Not for any quality issues but purely because I liked the look of them. They have been great actually. But then I thought, rather than buying tools that look vintage, how about buying some that really are?

I figure if they have made it this far and are still in good repair they they’re pretty sturdy, right? I picked these up on eBay. The fork and trowel were around £5 each and the hedge clippers were around £9 I think. I’m very happy with them. Their handles have that smooth wood feel that only comes from years and years of use. And I love the colour of the fork.

Now I display my tools and because I like looking at them I even give them a clean now and again and have a bucket of wet sand standing by for that very purpose. I’m sure I’ll be adding to my collection. If I ‘ever’ get a greenhouse I’d like one of those long brass water sprayers.

7 Comments on “Getting into Vintage Tools

  1. What a great idea! I need a fork having lost mine in the garden somewhere so I’ll definitely take a look on eBay.

    Love your blog.

  2. I have vintage tools too. I love them! I’ve bought so many brand new hand forks and trowels which broke at the point where they join the handle. My trowel is I think a 1930s one and as you say it’s lastest years now. It’s so well made. I never buy new anymore as the 2nd hand ones are so cheap and look so lovely. I lovingly care for the wood and clean them up.

  3. Best vintage tool find for me was a potato fork. Wide, blunted splines and great on the allotment for less than £20!

  4. We buy lots of second hand tools. Some a great find and some just tatty! I have a special love of old metal watering cans. I have four at the moment. Only two work as the others are just too leaky!

  5. I love used hand tools. Sometimes they are quite a bargain as well. I just bought some woodworking tools that work as good as they day they were made for so cheap I almost stole them.

  6. My grandad had one of those long brass sprayers, it was my absolute favourite thing to play with in the garden – probably not dissimilar to today’s ‘super-soaker’ water guns! I saw one at a vintage sale a few years ago and stupidly walked away!! A decision I have regretted every moment since. The vintage tools at the same sale are now eye-wateringly expensive and I’ve yet to find another brass squirter. I do like the idea that I can think of my old worn garden tools as vintage!

  7. I love it when the car boot season starts, you can pick up some great and really cheap vintage tools. My favourite vintage too is the handle from an old fork that belonged to my Nan. I use it as a dibber for my leeks and it reminds me of pottering in her garden wit her.