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Tying In


I spent some time today tying in some plants that need a bit of extra support. My Broad Beans (Fava Beans) were starting to flop over and so I put in a sturdy support and tied them in making sure to loop the string around in a figure of eight to give the plant some give.

I did the same with my Sweet Peas that are trying to clamber up a metal archway but keep getting knocked off by the wind. I love this dark purple twine that a friend gave me. Sometimes I want to hide the string supporting my plants and in this case I’ll use green. But occasionally it’s fun to show it off and make it a feature of the row. With such a bright colour you can see the string from the other side of the garden.


Making Compost Tea

I’ve never made compost tea but I saw a demo recently of how simple it is to make. So I thought I’d share it here and have a go myself (if it ever stops raining that is).

All you need is a bucket, some rain water, some honey and an old pond pump (try eBay).

  • 1. Fill your bucket about a third full of mature compost
  • 2. Pour rainwater in to fill the bucket
  • 3. Add one or two spoonfuls of honey
  • 4. Put in your pond pump and switch on
  • 5. Wait 2-3 days, strain and use immediately

Compost tea can be used on fruit and vegetables wherever you think they might need an extra boost of nutrients. It’s ideal for plants in pots, or on poor soil, or plants in the greenhouse.


Quick Save the Seedlings!

This is me in yesterday’s freak hail storm, running back and forth trying to save my precious seedlings from the advancing water. The guttering was overflowing directly onto them! Eek! I moved them to higher ground but I fear some of them won’t make it. Bah! serves me right for trusting this nice weather we’re having. eRRoR!


Why Do My Peppers Taste Bitter?

I harvested all of my Bell Peppers today (Capsicum). I didn’t realise that the three plants I had were so laden with fruit. I’ve harvested about 15 Peppers – not bad!

The only problem is that they are a bit bitter. Too bitter to eat raw at least. It’s disappointing, especially since they look so gorgeous. I’ve grown Peppers before and not had this problem. But as you know, there is always one crop that doesn’t go to plan each year, even if you think you have it nailed. So I turned to my books for an answer.

After some research I think my problem is that we had a dry summer, I planted them against a sunny wall and they didn’t get enough water. I should have off-set the dry summer with regular watering. And although I did give the garden extra water I just don’t think the Peppers got enough. Apparently, if they don’t get enough water the result is bitter Peppers.

I should say that the Red Peppers are bitter too, although not as bad as the Green ones. Does anyone have any tips on what I can make with these? Or are they seed fodder?


Time to Feed Tomatoes

If you haven’t done it yet it’s time to start feeding your Tomatoes in order to give them that lovely deep Tomatoey taste. A high-potash feed is what you need and there are several options you can go for.

An off-the-shelf fertilizer like Tomorite, an organic Tomato fertilizer, Comfrey tea or you can even use seaweed fertilizer too.

I’m using Tomorite at the moment but I might give a more organic product a go, just to make me feel better. Either way your Tomatoes need a bit of extra help at this stage of their growth.