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Christmas Eve in our House

It’s Christmas Eve – one of my very favourite days of the year. We’re lucky this year that the snow is still here so it’s all Christmassy outside while we’re snuggling infront of the fire.

The boys are napping so I took this opportunity to make Devon his little tree decoration to commemorate his birth! I did one for Jackson when he was born and so in the interest of keeping the peace later on I’m doing one for Devon now :)

We’ll be preparing the veg for tomorrow’s meal in a little while and everything will get manic again when the boys are awake. So this could be the only minute of peace and quiet we get, so I’m savouring it with a nice glass of Baileys too. You can’t go wrong with Baileys on Christmas Eve.

Next we’re opening our Christmas Eve presents (a tradition my husband brought with him, I think, in a sneaky attempt to get more presents – genius I say). There may well be some Christmassy movie watching too.

Happy Christmas Eve and peace to all.

It’s about this time of year that I start doing some sewing. Last year, Jackson was too young to really understand what Christmas was all about. This year, however, he is old enough and is really excited about the prospect of sending Father Christmas (or Christmas, as he calls him) a letter. Of course, he can’t write so it will be a pictorial letter, but still the idea of communicating with the big guy is top priority in our house.

So… I wanted to find a special way of ‘sending’ the letter. Something that we can re-use year after year and something that is personal to Jackson. His very own communication channel, if you will.

I hit upon the idea of making an envelope that would hang on the tree. And when you put the letter inside it magically ‘disappears’ by the next morning in a toothfairy-esque fashion.

I love making things out of felt and so put together this simple, hand-sewn pattern for an envelope that is personalised but also has a detachable address label and stamp. Here’s how I made it.

Firstly cut out the patter pieces in your chosen fabric. I’m using red felt. You will also need some embroidery thread, matching cotton and some self-adhesive velcro.

Next personalise the back of the envelope with your child’s name. Next add some post-like adornments to the front of the envelope. I’ve added a post mark but you could do and ‘Urgent’ or ‘Airmail’ sticker if you like. Then, stitch the words ‘to Santa’ on the address label and some jagged lines onto your stamp. I’ve also added the date to one of the back pieces.

Next attach the backing to the flap and blanket-stitch it down. At the same time add the ribbon that will be used to hang the envelope from the tree.

Pin the main backing on the envelope and stitch it down using matching thread following the pins.

Pin together the three ‘envelope’ parts of the backing. Using the red thread sew together the two internal seams (the ones pinned down in the photo above). Then line up the three pieces with the main part of the envelope and blanket stitch around the three edges.

The last thing to do is to cut two small squares from your self-adhesive velcro and attach the address label and the stamp. Now your Santa Envelope is finished. All you need to do is write a letter to Santa and pop it in!

View the pattern


Shuush! Secret Santa

It’s Chriiiiiiiiistmas! And I’m making a little something for my Secret Santa. I have to confess that I’m enjoying the ‘make do and mend’ aspect of this recession. It gets you thinking about things in a different way which can only be a good thing. Making something, with my own hands holds a lot of meaning for me. It’s more; heartfelt, individual, handmade, personalised. Even the fact that it’s time-consuming is a good thing because it gives you time to think about the person you’re making it for.

Here’s hoping my little Secret Santa loves my handmade gift. Ah ha!… you thought I was going to say he or she didn’t you – but you see I’m smarter than that :)


Real Bunting

Occasionally, very occasionally, I actually do something else apart from gardening. Today, I’m making some ‘real’ red and blue bunting for my, usually clad in red and blue, boy. 

Everybody wants ‘real’ bunting these days (ie made out of fabric instead of plastic). The shops are full of it. It feels very forties, wholesome and makes you want to drink ‘lashings of ginger beer’ with everything (or is that just me). It’s so easy to make and can make a room look instantly vintage, or perk up your party. I’m all for it. 

The cowboy material was given to me by my sister-in-law, Kerri and the other material cost around £3. Apart from this all you need is a metre of iron-on interfacing and some bias-binding in a contrasting colour and you have your very own bunting for a fraction of the cost.

Of course Jackson is waaay too young to appreciate the time, effort and enjoyment I get from making him stuff. Infact, in this photo he’s more interested in catching our cat, Candy (God help her) as she makes a run for the door. But once I start making him Halloween costumes, Christmas stockings, birthday hats – he’ll start to appreciate me more. Won’t he?