Christmas Eve in our House

It’s Christmas Eve – one of my very favourite days of the year. We’re lucky this year that the snow is still here so it’s all Christmassy outside while we’re snuggling infront of the fire.

The boys are napping so I took this opportunity to make Devon his little tree decoration to commemorate his birth! I did one for Jackson when he was born and so in the interest of keeping the peace later on I’m doing one for Devon now :)

We’ll be preparing the veg for tomorrow’s meal in a little while and everything will get manic again when the boys are awake. So this could be the only minute of peace and quiet we get, so I’m savouring it with a nice glass of Baileys too. You can’t go wrong with Baileys on Christmas Eve.

Next we’re opening our Christmas Eve presents (a tradition my husband brought with him, I think, in a sneaky attempt to get more presents – genius I say). There may well be some Christmassy movie watching too.

Happy Christmas Eve and peace to all.

4 Comments on “Christmas Eve in our House

  1. Cheers from west Wales – having a sneaky Baileys here too! Merry Christmas xxx

  2. Our family tradition – is to open all presents from family and friends on Christmas eve. Santa and Christmas stockings come on Christmas morning. Santa’s gifts are never wrapped – he and elves do not have time to wrap.

    Merry Christmas from California!