Real Bunting

Occasionally, very occasionally, I actually do something else apart from gardening. Today, I’m making some ‘real’ red and blue bunting for my, usually clad in red and blue, boy. 

Everybody wants ‘real’ bunting these days (ie made out of fabric instead of plastic). The shops are full of it. It feels very forties, wholesome and makes you want to drink ‘lashings of ginger beer’ with everything (or is that just me). It’s so easy to make and can make a room look instantly vintage, or perk up your party. I’m all for it. 

The cowboy material was given to me by my sister-in-law, Kerri and the other material cost around £3. Apart from this all you need is a metre of iron-on interfacing and some bias-binding in a contrasting colour and you have your very own bunting for a fraction of the cost.

Of course Jackson is waaay too young to appreciate the time, effort and enjoyment I get from making him stuff. Infact, in this photo he’s more interested in catching our cat, Candy (God help her) as she makes a run for the door. But once I start making him Halloween costumes, Christmas stockings, birthday hats – he’ll start to appreciate me more. Won’t he?

4 Comments on “Real Bunting

  1. I am loving your bunting and I agree wholeheartedly that it makes you want to drink lashings of ginger beer!!! I’m sure Jackson will just love all his fancy dress costumes etc … but you ‘must’ stop eventually … you know, when he starts to become aware of being cool!!! My daughter is 19 months and she is going to totally hate me – especially as I’ll probably still be trying to stuff her into costumes when she’s, ooooo – about 15!!!

  2. My mum always used to make me things and I have a vivid memory about age 9 of waking up one morning and finding a patchwork bear at the end of my my bed. She had stayed up late evening after evening, ( after I had gone to sleep) and made it in secret. It was such a lovely surprise and I remember feeling amazed at my mums skills and so touched that she had done that for me. The bear stayed at the end of my bed for many years that followed.

  3. SOOOO glad you found an amazing way to use that fabric! Wow, you are so very creative and talented. I love you sweet girl!