Greenhouse Chic


Just a few more photos from Chelsea. Predictably, there were lots of greenhouses there. They were all stunning but what I found interesting was the different ways in which they had been decked out inside. Some were treated as hothouses with Lemons and Oranges.

Others were more traditional with a patriotic twist for the Jubilee.

This one had a handy little portable potting station that could be moved around the greenhouse. I could see this being very useful.

I particularly liked this one with its vintage ephemera. Impractical maybe but it looks great on display.

And I liked the way all the tools were hanging on hooks from the bottom of the shelf.

4 Comments on “Greenhouse Chic

  1. great photos..I want to get a green house for my allotment next year ;0)

  2. I adore your blogs and indeed now I have seen this Greenhouse Chic blog from you, your greenhouse! I am very envious! Although you have inspired me to re-vamp my old aluminium green house into an inspirational lady laired!!

  3. Ooooh, yes I definitely need a shelf and a radio for my greenhous pottering. We resurrected my greenhouse from an old frame and glass from two other greenhouses – don’t believe the websites that say it can’t be done, but make sure you have someone to do it with!

  4. I looked over these lovely pictures as I have been seeking inspiration for a themed greenhouse. It was
    built by my father before me many many tears and has had the odd renovation over the years as it
    is wooden framed and has been prone to much wood rot over the years. However it is looking fine
    restored to its former glory which has inspired me to take it back in time.

    I loved the old tools and my vision for the greenhouse is more of an old world theme which reminds me
    of my Father who spent many hours in the greenhouse. They worn paint effect alongside an old valve
    radio and other such touches are how I envisage my greenhouse.

    Yes I admit that I’m thinking more of a style statement than a fully functional greenhouse. After I have
    it the way I want it then naturally I have to make it a little more functional. I confess I am writing this
    before I have explored your other post but I just wanted to say the old world charm exhibited here has
    been a terrific inspiration.

    So I’m off to find that old valve radio, oxo mug and old tools which I’m sure will be a great challenge. If
    the radio actually works it will be a bonus. Thank you for sharing these pictures I really enjoyed them.