Borage Nearly in Flower

The borage that I sowed way back in mid March are beginning to flower. They are tantalizingly close to popping open. But not yet! When they do I know they’ll be the brightest of blues. Maybe I’ll try to make a claret cup with them.

They have been so easy to grow. And as I understand it they will self seed everywhere so I won’t have to worry about floating flowers next year. I sowed them in the cold frame and then transplanted them into a sunny bed. They seem to love it.

11 Comments on “Borage Nearly in Flower

  1. Just beware that once they self seed, you will never get rid of them. Trust me, it is everywhere in my garden and I treat it as a weed. It grows very deep roots very quickly and will grow back from the smallest bit of root. I would dead head regularly if I were you.

    Sorry to sound so negative on my first ever comment on your blog (I’ve been reading for a while) – I’ll try to post something more positive next time!

  2. what are the hot tips with borage’s? I’m thinking of expanding the things I currently have in my back garden.

  3. Borage is excellent as a systemic aphid killer, brought my honeysuckle back from the brink

  4. I sowed borage in my plot last summer (in NZ, so not that long ago). I never realised how utterly HUMUNGOUS they get, and as Roland said above… OMG does it self sow!! Even now, after a blanket of snow, I can see borage seedlings trying to out-manouevre my green manure seedlings. GRRRR! Unfortunately I also have calendula seedlings that my wee daughter kindly scattered about the garden to worry about. Both are wonderful plants.. in moderation.


  5. Even before they flower the buds are rather delightful. Looking forward to seeing the actual flowers.

  6. Blues? I’m sorry but is this true? When I got married I begged the florist for blues, bless her she did a good job but then she also told me there was no such thing as blue flowers! Please tell me where I can get these from as I would love to plant my own, I feel that the blue is so calming xx

  7. Strangely I can’t get it to grow. My seeds did not germinate and when I bought a plant it died on me!

  8. Borage is closely related to comfrey so good as a compost activator and soaked in water makes a good organic feed.

  9. They are beautiful and yes, they are blue. I like blue flowers too and, while they are hard to find, there are some out there. Forget-me-nots are one that comes to mind and is a true blue. Google them for pics.

    I like self seeding things in the garden. I also grew feverfew, several mints and a few other invasive things and love them!

  10. True, the do self-sow prolifically, but I love the blue flowers and, almost more importantly, so do the bees. In spring when they start growing everywhere in the veggie patch, I leave them as ground cover till I need the space, then just pull them up and put them on the ground as cover.