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My Planting Plan

The garden redesign is really split into two parts, the ornamental garden with the lawn which is where we will play, eat and hangout. And the kitchen garden where I’ll grow our vegetables and fruit. The two will be split up by the greenhouse which will effectively be a barrier between the two.

I will be planting up the kitchen garden but today I received the planting plan for the ornamental side of the garden. It’s very exciting and there are a lot more plants in it than I expected.

Some of the plants on the list I recognise, like Flamingo Heather, Green Orme Hebe, Hydrangeas, Camillias, Hostas, and Cypress. But some are new to me like Spike Witchhazel, Diablo Ninebark, and Japanese Barberry.

One striking thing about this part of the garden is that it has six Flame Amur Maple trees around the edge which I think will make a dramatic backdrop in Autumn.

I’m also planning to switch some of the traditional planting out in favour of some more edible plants. I’ll be putting in a Flowering Quince tree next to the greenhouse, a Medlar tree, a Black Cherry on the north side and replacing some of the Sweet Box edging with evergreen Blueberry. I’m also making room for a Marionberry.

I’m hoping to buy around half the plants soon and get them in before the frosts come (not much time!). And the perennials will probably have to wait until the Springtime.


Full to the Brim!

I took this photo today of a corner of my garden that I’m particularly proud of. Every single patch of earth is used up (which doesn’t happen very often as you harvest and replace) – the layering effect really works, I think.

In the foreground on the left are my Oakleaf Lettuce, then a row of outdoor Tomatoes, then the beautiful over-wintering Sweet Williams, followed by a thick layer of Peas held up with peasticks. And in the background you can see my Borlotti Bean just winding their way up the beanpoles.

As the Sweet Williams go over and the Lettuces are harvested that will give the Tomatoes more room as they get bigger. It’s almost like I planned it :)


My Tiny Plan

I’ve been trying to describe to people what I’m aiming for with the design of mtp. I suppose I’d describe it as a geometric-style potager garden. I’ve no idea if there are any design rules when it comes to creating a potager. I found this interesting site where it’s quoted, “A potager must make you dream, and this means curves, not tight squares …”. Which is interesting but if a potager is all about curves and not straight lines then mtp is not a potager. Another definition detailed the ‘intermingling of vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit bushes to make an ornamental, but edible, feast for the eyes.’ You see I like that a lot more. Intermingling is a great word and I hope one that will describe mtp when it’s in full flourish. The design of mtp borrows more from formal garden design than a free-flowing potager design but I think it works. Here’s my masterplan in its finished state. I’ve filled in all the spaces with the name and variety of plant. It was very satisfying to colour it all in – I suppose it’s the little girl in me that still likes to get my coloured pencils out! It means I not only have a visual plan of the plot but I also know which variety is where at a glance. The beds are numbered clockwise from the top left – 1) Brassicas, 2) Legumes, 3) Roots, 4) Potatoes. And the two triangular beds in the middle contain the annual plants, herbs and flowers. Next year I might do a completely different design, a circle, or maybe an abstract design (Ryan would love to help me dig over the plot again I’m sure!). I found a book that might help me figure out some new designs.