Full to the Brim!

I took this photo today of a corner of my garden that I’m particularly proud of. Every single patch of earth is used up (which doesn’t happen very often as you harvest and replace) – the layering effect really works, I think.

In the foreground on the left are my Oakleaf Lettuce, then a row of outdoor Tomatoes, then the beautiful over-wintering Sweet Williams, followed by a thick layer of Peas held up with peasticks. And in the background you can see my Borlotti Bean just winding their way up the beanpoles.

As the Sweet Williams go over and the Lettuces are harvested that will give the Tomatoes more room as they get bigger. It’s almost like I planned it :)

10 Comments on “Full to the Brim!

  1. The Sweet Williams are one of my favourite flowers. What a nice idea to grow them inbetween your veg :)

  2. This is a great picture and should be inspiring to anyone who has limited space for growing herbs or veg you have really packed them in.

  3. Sorry, i know this is not the place to write this, but i need to unsubscribe or change my email address for the updates, as i did it on the work email and need to transfer to personnel. I am “technically” challenged so its prob an obvious answer. Can anyone help??love this site by the way. x

  4. hello. i’m normally just lurking, enjoying the photos and wishing my allotment was as tidy as your garden (one day!). i wondered if you knew that MTP had been mentioned in the new sainsbury magazine? just a little plug as one writers favourite gardening website. thought you might like to know!
    love the sweet william too. my mum grows it so it reminds me of being a child helping to weed and dehead marigolds. didn’t enjoy it then, absolutely love it now!

  5. Oooo your getting good at this gardening lark!

    I have just discovered my love for sweet williams.. are they easy to grow as I would love to included them in my cutting garden part of the plot?

  6. Your plants look very healthy. Nice job you got there! :)

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