My Tiny Plan

I’ve been trying to describe to people what I’m aiming for with the design of mtp. I suppose I’d describe it as a geometric-style potager garden. I’ve no idea if there are any design rules when it comes to creating a potager. I found this interesting site where it’s quoted, “A potager must make you dream, and this means curves, not tight squares …”. Which is interesting but if a potager is all about curves and not straight lines then mtp is not a potager. Another definition detailed the ‘intermingling of vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit bushes to make an ornamental, but edible, feast for the eyes.’ You see I like that a lot more. Intermingling is a great word and I hope one that will describe mtp when it’s in full flourish. The design of mtp borrows more from formal garden design than a free-flowing potager design but I think it works. Here’s my masterplan in its finished state. I’ve filled in all the spaces with the name and variety of plant. It was very satisfying to colour it all in – I suppose it’s the little girl in me that still likes to get my coloured pencils out! It means I not only have a visual plan of the plot but I also know which variety is where at a glance. The beds are numbered clockwise from the top left – 1) Brassicas, 2) Legumes, 3) Roots, 4) Potatoes. And the two triangular beds in the middle contain the annual plants, herbs and flowers. Next year I might do a completely different design, a circle, or maybe an abstract design (Ryan would love to help me dig over the plot again I’m sure!). I found a book that might help me figure out some new designs.

5 Comments on “My Tiny Plan

  1. That looks fabulous. I wish I were able to plan properly, but I’m much more slapdash than that. There is a vague plan forming gradually in my mind which should mean that at some point in the next three years it will start to look nice, but there’s along way to go before it looks anywhere as good as yours.

  2. Oooooh! A new book to look out for and maybe even treat myself to – or put it on my birthday list perhaps? Thanks for that – I’ll see if it’s in my local library and take it from there.

  3. Thanks – I like my plan. I’m a bit sad now that there are no spaces left to colour in. Maybe I’ll start a plan of the fruit patch too. Thanks for the book link Muppet, I’m putting it on my ‘want one’ list. Other things on the list are:
    1) greenhouse
    2) shed (with kettle)
    3) weeding assistant
    4) more windowsills


  4. Started my potager last week on a sloping sandy-soil slope by arranging hope holes radiating from the join of two paths and lawn.Spent yesterday trying build up the gound level – used three bins of compost but it went nowwhere!

    Wanting principles and ideas I came upon yopur website nad hope to learn alot from it.

    First plants are three horse-radish which I rescued from my old allotment. Am growing some shallots which will go into a diamond bed.

    Will keep you informed and look forwrd to reading your site in full (once the rain starts today!).

    Best wishes