10 Jobs for July


Summer is in full swing and most plants are in the ground now. You should be harvesting salad crops, peas and potatoes by now with some strawberries and other soft fruit for pudding.

  1. Gather the last of the peas and clear the ground
  2. Sow late Carrots
  3. Turn your attention to Autumn crops and sow things like Raddichio, Pak Choi, Mizuna and Endive
  4. Keep cutting Sweet Peas to encourage more flowers
  5. Harvest Shallots, Onions and Garlic as their leaves goes brown
  6. Cut off any Potato leaves affected by blight and burn
  7. Feed Tomatoes every other week with high potash liquid feed
  8. Cut off Strawberry runners as they appear (unless you want to make new plants)
  9. Plant a second bed of Sweetcorn in between your onions – once the onions are gone the Sweetcorn will have enough room to grow
  10. Buy some ‘ready-grown’ lettuce plants to fill gaps where needed

If you have any more suggestions for July jobs, add them to the list.

4 Comments on “10 Jobs for July

  1. *start seeds for winter greenhouse transplants
    *pull spent peas, plant fall peas
    *plant fall cauliflower and broccoli
    *continue to spread mulch and compost
    *check floating and slotted row cover, order if necessary
    *tackle the disastrous perennial garden, enlarge garden, spread out plants
    *pick cherries, raspberries
    *dig up raspberry volunteers, plant in a straight row
    *start advertising winter csa share
    *order meat chicks

    July and August are my least favorite months because of the heat but favorites as far as garden production.

  2. Hi there,

    My friends and I just started an allotment and I’m trying to keep track with a blog. I just wanted to admire your photographs, which are professional quality. Congrats!

  3. Our peas were sown late, so we only just have any pods worth picking. I might sow more carrots since you’ve reminded me, if I get time. My main task is weeding as I’ve got somewhat behind in that department and they are growing so well with all the warmth and rain we’ve been having.

    It is interesting to compare notes. I’m hoping that if I keep reading your blog I’ll be much better organised next season. So hope you keep up the good work.

  4. same as Karin with the peas, but coming on thick and fast now. Raspberries almost done, but have had about 8lbs off 3 canes and a fab summer pudding made entirely of fruits of my labour…have just acquired an allotment too, so trying to get to grips with what I should be planting now. It appears – cabbages and other brassicas (seed or plants?), carrots? Joy Larkom suggests turnips and beets as well. Any tips?