Summer Berry Hotchpotch


This week we’ve been holidaying at a place called Bell Vue Farm which is part of the Featherdown Farms network. I call it ‘posh camping’ because while you do stay in a field under canvas in the usual way you also have your own running water, flushing toilet and wood-burning stove in the tent too – not exactly roughing it, is it?

As we were running out of the door, with the car fit to bursting and enough baby burp cloths to sink a small boat, I rushed into the garden to harvest some fresh produce for our camping trip. In the bag went a fresh Lettuce, some new Potatoes, a handful of fresh Herbs, some Mint, a few sticks of Rhubarb, a clutch of Spring Onions and this little box of the soft fruit that happened to be ripe. As you can see there was a mix of Strawberries, Blackcurrants & Whitecurrants (sadly no Redcurrants this year). Not a bad harvest.


When we arrived at our new home – and after we had petted the geese, chickens, donkeys, goats and lambs – we lit the stove and I started to make use of the berries. As I didn’t have very many ingredients to hand (usually I would use Balsamic Vinegar), I just cooked them up with some sugar on the wood fire.


Once cooked through but still whole I poured them over some fresh vanilla Greek yoghurt and tried to find some poor soul who would eat my creation. I didn’t have to look far!

5 Comments on “Summer Berry Hotchpotch

  1. Looks delicious. Thanks for posting the link to Featherdown Farms – what a fantastic way to camp!

  2. Sounds like an interesting holiday. I hadn’t heard of these camps before. Thanks for mentioning them.

  3. Hello! your fruit looks delicious! I have been lurking for some time now,I have just found out after a long wait that I am to be offered a half plot at my local allotments,I am overjoyed! I find your blog very informative and shall be gleaming as much info as I can from it,being a newbie!

  4. This looks so yummy. I love your blog and what you have done to create a world of information and tutorials. I wanted to share your blog with my friends, so I featured you on my post today. If you get a chance please stop by. Karen

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