10 Jobs for September


Summer is still holding on (if you’re lucky) and you may get some late Sweetcorn to harvest. Autumn Raspberries are in full swing and your Pumpkins and Squashes are swelling. You may also have some Chilli Peppers in the cold frame and the odd Apple or two that is ready for eating.

  1. Start to clear away some of the crops that have gone over (ended) like Runner beans and Sweet Peas
  2. Expose Apples and Pears to the sun to ripen
  3. Sow some winter Lettuce
  4. Prune trained Peach trees, taking out any branches that are not needed or growing out at right angles
  5. Plant Strawberry plants to increase your stock. Aim to replace plants after their third year.
  6. Earth up Celery and Leeks
  7. Plant Japanese bunching onions
  8. Plant Spring Cabbage
  9. Lift main crop Potatoes – check they are ready by rubbing the skin, if it doesn’t easily come off they are ready.
  10. Plant Tulips for next Spring

If you have any more suggestions for September jobs, add them to the list.

7 Comments on “10 Jobs for September

  1. Put old sieves or bits of mesh under those squashes and pumpkins to give an air gap that stops the bit resting on the ground going mushy …

  2. Plant prepared hyacinths for early blooms indoors.

    Plant Dutch Iris bulbs for outdoor cut flowers ready early spring.

  3. Killer frosts in Carrbridge too, lost loads over the weekend unfortunately

  4. can anyone tell me about when to plant brussel sprouts, I have harvested them in my greenhouse am i too late to plant outside. I am new to the gardening game.