Aahh! Morning in the Garden

Ooh ooh, I love my garden in the early morning. When everything is so fresh, green, slightly cold and covered in a thin layer of dew. There’s nothing better than padding around, cup of coffee in hand, and inspecting the new day.

The spiders are working at full pelt at this time of year. After a season of eating they’re big and juicy and able to spin the biggest webs that span the tall feathers on my Sweetcorn plants. Covered in dew they look like an Athena poster (look it up) just waiting to happen. 

But my favourites are my pumpkins. All hard and cold, just waiting for the sun to toughen them up some more. Yes today looks like being a glorious day. Garden centre methinks – to buy some tulip bulbs.

2 Comments on “Aahh! Morning in the Garden

  1. Being seasonally opposite in New Zealand to you guys, I’m just starting to plant seeds such as pumpkins…. and even then indoors for a lot of them ….

    But at least we are finally out of the wet wet winter ..


  2. Hi Im a first time reader of your blog and really enjoyed it, it sounds like you have a wonderful garden with corn and pumpkins and lots of other things, the kind of garden Id love to have when I can afford it, have to make do with a few pots for now tho. But EUGH! Spiders scare the life out of me, I ran screaming when I saw a tiny little one crawling into my strawberry pot, my Dad tells me they are more scared of me, I dont think that is possible!