So This is Christmas…

… and what have we done? Well not much is the answer. Christmas this year (as last) means spending it with Ryan, just the two of us, with a very small turkey (and a Quorn bake for me) a vat of mulled wine, two wonkily sewn together stockings (and another for the cat) a pair […]

Longor – Shallots

I planted my first shallots this week. Last year I grew red onions (Red Baron) because we mostly eat red onions. I’m not sure why, they generally taste the same as white onions and cost a little extra but I suppose I just like the colour. So in keeping with the ‘grow what you eat’ […]

Raspberry Canes

The raspberry canes arrived at last (10 Autumn Bliss and 3 free ones from Grow Your Own Magazine). I must admit I was beginning to give up on them and preparing to write a stern letter but then, as if by magic, they appeared. I put them straight in, in one row roughly 60cm apart. […]