So This is Christmas…

… and what have we done? Well not much is the answer. Christmas this year (as last) means spending it with Ryan, just the two of us, with a very small turkey (and a Quorn bake for me) a vat of mulled wine, two wonkily sewn together stockings (and another for the cat) a pair of sturdy wellies and loads of presents. Not forgetting the warm and snuggy feeling you get after watching your favourite Christmas film (choose one of the following: It’s a Wonderful Life, Mary Poppins (it’s that Poppins woman again!), the, the, the, The Grinch, The Railyway Children (if you don’t cry when she says “Daddy, my Daddy” you need to test your pulse) and Scrooge (the scary one with Alistair Sim). Two of which are on TV on Christmas day – bonus! The only thing left for me to do is win at Monopoly and Christmas will be just perfect. Oh and if you’re wondering where our families are (becaues we’re not orphans you know) mine came over ‘en mass’ just before Christmas and Ryan will see his in Colorado just after Christmas (lucky so and so). He’s under strict orders to bring me back some snow!

3 Comments on “So This is Christmas…

  1. LOL!
    Daddy ,My daddy, doesnt seem so heart rending when you know both the girls were in their twenties.However I wil excuse you as it is based on an E. Nesbit book.My favourite is ‘Five children and it’ which is hillarious (if read).
    Merry Christmas

  2. I hate to report we are quite low on snow here in Colorado ( it was 55 degrees F in Fort Collins on Christnas day!)…. we’ll see what we can drum up in the next week!

  3. I often dream of Jenny Agutter running towards me :-D Happy New Year to all at MTP and I love the shot of the Xmas bauble – just gorgeous!