Rocket Seedlings

My Rocket seedlings are coming up. I didn’t hold out much hope for them in my rickety old popagator, stuck out on the deck in these sub zero temperatures but amazingly enough they’re sprouting. They must be tough little things. Once they get to about an inch high I will transplant them to the cold […]

Onions and Shallots planted

Last year the onions we grew on mtp were very successful. We grew Red Baron from sets, planted them straight in the ground around March time and come the end of the season we had 30 or 40 huge specimens to store over the winter. We just ate the last one a few days ago. […]

Book list

Due to it being winter and cold and wet and dank I’ve been reading a few books. I have lots of gardening books but these three are my favourites. Ryan will testify to that. I’m no book reviewer but here’s a quick summary of why I like them. The first Delia’s Kitchen Garden is a […]

The Art of Composting

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t run an efficient kitchen garden without making your own compost. You could buy compost but it doesn’t give you the same sense of satisfaction now does it? Since we bought our giant compost bin and kitchen caddy (small bin to collect kitchen waste such as peelings, coffee grounds, […]