Rocket Seedlings

My Rocket seedlings are coming up. I didn’t hold out much hope for them in my rickety old popagator, stuck out on the deck in these sub zero temperatures but amazingly enough they’re sprouting. They must be tough little things. Once they get to about an inch high I will transplant them to the cold frame up at mtp. It’s nice to know that in the depths of winter there will be no flea beetles around to munch tiny holes in their leaves and render the whole lot inedible (which is what happened in the summer). I like Rocket, especially wilted on top of a nice mozarella pizza, or with mixed salad – so I’m looking forward to tasting my home grown version for the very first time soon. Go Rocket!

5 Comments on “Rocket Seedlings

  1. I’ve got a load of mixed leaves in the greenhouse at about the same stage. It’s almost as if we have to grow something at this time of year as an act of defiance! Oh, and Rocket is especially good with blue cheese.

  2. Can’t beat home grown stuff, I’m sure it’s just the satisfaction of growing it urself that makes it taste 100 times better than anything you can buy.

    The parents grow some stuff at theirs (more than they can eat so I get them free), courgettes and tomatoes that actually have taste……..mouth wateringly gorgeous.

  3. Nice work. I grew a load two years back and the stuff tastes far more peppery than shop-bought versions. It’s a perfect crop to grow at home, too, since it’s so expensive in supermarkets et al.

  4. You can not beat a home grown rocket salad. That poster is right when they say it tastes more peppery.

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