Gutter peas

It was raining today but I was determind to sow some peas. Last year we sowed our peas directly into the soil. They germinated okay, if a bit patchy. But to be honest the main problem was that I was a bit lazy and didn’t bother to support them. Consequently, they fell over once they […]

Broadbeans are in (again)

I sowed some more broadbeans yesterday. The Autumn sowing of Aquadulce just didn’t germinate. I’m not really sure why. I planted them on exactly the same day as veteran allotment holder David, and they were the same variety. Yet his all germinated and just one of mine did! I can only imagine that my soil […]

Monty-Approved Lettuce

Last year we grew Little Gem, Pentard Red and Webbs Wonderful lettuce, with great success. Obviously, because it was our first year we made a lot of mistakes. We planted far too many seeds, all at the same time and far too close together. This year we’re much wiser. And… we’ve got Monty on our […]

Signs of Life

Signs of life reported at mtp. After months of well… nothing suddenly things are starting to happen in the cold, murky depths of the plot. On the left is the garlic I put in before Christmas. The middle picture shows the blackcurrant bushes bursting with colourful pink buds. Below that are the Summer raspberry canes. […]

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

In an attempt to have ‘something’ growing right now I sowed some purple sprouting broccoli seeds around a month ago. I didn’t think they would grow as there’s not much light to be had in our small courtyard garden. But I’ve been proved wrong. They’re going great guns and this one has even got to […]