First Winter Lettuce

We harvested our first winter lettuce a couple of days ago from the sowings I did last October with Arctic King. It tasted great. Really smooth and buttery and not at all bitter like I expected for a lettuce that has been in the ground for 6 months! The problem is that only five of […]

Ryan’s Smoothie Recipe

Ryan is master of the smoothie. He makes them for us everyday and they are delicious – and also have the added benefit of being healthy (bonus!). He’s perfected his smoothie recipe over the past three months, adding a little bit here, taking away a little bit there. And the result is perfection itself; super […]

Lettuce seedlings

This is the first sowing of Monty’s lettuce that I put in a few weeks ago in a propagator outside (without heat). I planted a few of each variety Little Gem, Aruba, Salad Bowl, Lobjoits Green, Merveille de Quatre Saison. I didn’t plant any All the Year Round but I did put a few directly […]

Easter weekend

Hooray! Four whole days off work and all the time in the world to do ‘plot stuff’. Up at mtp everything is growing. The gutter peas are off to a flying start as you can see. The rocket I planted back in January is ready for its first harvest and the onion sets are starting […]


I planted my early potatoes at the weekend. It was a gorgeous day and I just couldn’t resist. They are Maris Bard. I dug two trenches 60cm apart and 10cm deep. Then I filled each trench with compost (half rotted as you see). Then planted the chitted potatoes around 30cm apart along the rows. Text […]

Carrot Plan (part 2)

Over a month ago I instigated the ‘Carrot Plan’ in an effort to grow edible carrots this year. In part one I selected a ‘stone free’ piece of the plot, dug in some sharp sand and covered with black plastic to warm up the soil. That done, we are now ready for part two. Last […]