Planning to Grow Gladioli

I’m tired of going into florists and not being able to afford the most beautiful flowers. I love gladioli but don’t have them in the house nearly as often as I’d like, mainly because they are pricey, but also because the flowers in the shops are so much smaller than I know they should be. […]

Victorian Mini-Greenhouse

It’s official – I love my husband. And why? Because he bought me the most amazing, Victorianly fantastic, mini greenhouse for Christmas! (I love him for other reasons too but we’re splitting hairs here). I had no idea what he had bought me. The box was very long, flat and heavy and didn’t look anything […]

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all my fellow allotmenteers. I hope that Santa brings you many pairs of gardening gloves, much gardening data, and the odd pair of wellies. I’ve already received a smashing pair of pink secateurs! This Christmas will be much the same as last year but with the addition […]

First Leeks

My leeks are getting big enough to pull now. I pulled up this one and cooked it with an onion from my store and some tortellini. Very nice. They are buggers to get out of the ground though. I’m always paranoid that it will snap if I pull at it and so I dig down […]


A couple of days ago I bottled up my cassis that had been laying in a bottle since July. The amount of liquid that resulted was smaller than I had hoped but still, you don’t want too much of a good thing (especially when it’s mostly vodka.) I got the recipe from The Cook and […]

The Cutest Kitten in the World?

I’ve tried to keep pictures of our new kitten off mtp because, well, pictures of your new kitten are really only interesting to you aren’t they? Kittens also have nothing to do with growing vegetables; even though he’s fairly handy at digging and takes a keen interest in whichever gardening book I happen to be […]