I Like a Good Masterplan

There’s nothing better than following some firmly laid plans – even the ones that don’t even last out the sowing season. Some may say that my masterplans are a tad overboard, frivolous or at the very least a damn idiotic waste of a good evening. But I say no! I put it to you that […]

Playing Nice

The Undergardener is getting ideas above his station – he wants his own bit of mtp. I must admit I didn’t see it coming. I know he enjoys his little jaunts to the plot, and of course he’s a good digger but he’s never once expressed an interest in actually growing anything; eating yes, but […]

Peas are Go!

Today I planted my drainpipe peas up at the allotment. I read a tip somewhere that if you give them a good water they should slide in like a dream. It worked! I’ve already sowed another row into another bit of piping ready to go in a couple of weeks time. Keen, I know.

Stupid Flies! – or are they?

I sowed some carrots in the coldframe yesterday. My carrot plan (part 1 & part 2) last year just didn’t work. The few carrots that I did harvest were small and infested with the usual carrot fly. Neither the sand nor the fleece worked (the later being blown away by the windy conditions at mtp […]

Keep Austin Weird!

I’m in Austin (Texas) right now for the SXSW Interactive Festival. That may explain why I haven’t posted anything over the past few days. Not only have I been sat in darkened rooms absorbing all kinds of geeky info that will help me be more ‘interactive’ but I’ve also been on a one-girl mission to […]

Peas Sprouting

This year’s pea crop is growing well already. I sowed these a couple of weeks ago from the seed I saved last year so I’m very excited to see them sprouting. It feels great to know that this crop will be completely free. I have just sowed another row in guttering to keep the succession […]

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

At last – the purple sprouting broccoli is ready. I thought I would die waiting for it. I mean, it’s only taken a full year to mature, quite a reasonable time to wait for meal that took us all of 30 seconds to eat. Crikey! It’s a good job we’re not broccoli farmers, we’d be […]

Off to the Plot

The sun is shining – what better reason to head down to the plot. As you can see I had various tasks in mind. The blood, fish and bone is to scatter around the strawberries, which are starting to grow again and you can see the last of the broadbean plants to be put in […]

Cat-Proof Radish

I decided to plant my radish in a small wicker tub in the back garden. There are too many problems with flea beetle up at the allotment so I thought this would be the safer option. I sowed some seed around a week ago and the seedlings are up already. However, it seems that I’m […]