Playing Nice

seed packets
The Undergardener is getting ideas above his station – he wants his own bit of mtp. I must admit I didn’t see it coming. I know he enjoys his little jaunts to the plot, and of course he’s a good digger but he’s never once expressed an interest in actually growing anything; eating yes, but growing no!
At first I was horrified. Mtp is TINY (as the name suggests) and so the idea that I have a ‘spare bed that isn’t really being used’ is simply insane. I mean, it’s all being used, at least in my head anyway.
Of course my selfishness didn’t last long and I caved in. I’ve given him a bed that is roughly 3 metres by about 1.5 metres. He’s already decided what he’s going to grow – Cauliflower and Pak Choi (not sure exactly why those two, but hey…). All I know is that it’s painful giving away part of your garden (even for love!) and I’m already jealous of his shiny new seedpackets.

5 Comments on “Playing Nice

  1. To make you feel better about the size of your tiny plot, you gave away a bed that’s only a bit smaller than my entire veg garden. Well, actually, that’s pretty much my entire garden, excluding 1m by 1m patch of grass for sitting on, and far too much hedge.

    Great blog, btw.

  2. Aww that’s nice of you to share…Well at least now you both have a reason to go together up to your plot,hand in hand in the summer sun to check your veggie’s.My husband doesn’t really want anything to do with the veggie’s or the chicken’s he just wants to build things like shed’s and fences etc…so at least our hubbies are involved…
    Loving you’r blog it’s great

  3. I am not sure I would cope if my girlfriend asked for a patch of the allotment. The last time she came down she moaned about my plans to pull up the saplings growing at the end of the plot. When she finds out I accidently unearthed the roots with my spade and kind of burnt them in the bonefire she will not be happy. Call me selfish but I like having the plot to myself.

  4. When I took over my plot I thought it was way too much for me to handle as well as a busy full time job in London. I halved the size of my plot and planted a few fruit trees in a mini orchard. I now regret that decision, I never have enough space now that I practice ‘no -dig’ gardening. I have resorted to trailing pumpkins and marrows throughout the orchard in the Summer. I wish I had more space too.

  5. My other half Debbi has also suddenly shown an interest in the allotment after all this time! Previously she has never dug, sowed or weeded but maybe picked the odd veg here and there. Now she happily digs, rakes and plants my seeds! She hasn’t ask for her own bit of plot yet, though she did mumble something about brussle sprouts which she knows I hate. As I see it, for all her hard work I think I’ll give up a small piece of ground for that.