I Like a Good Masterplan

There’s nothing better than following some firmly laid plans – even the ones that don’t even last out the sowing season. Some may say that my masterplans are a tad overboard, frivolous or at the very least a damn idiotic waste of a good evening. But I say no! I put it to you that all gardeners should partake in the drawing of masterplans, in the childish yet comforting sketching of tiny vegetables, in the use of felt-tip pens. It can be highly illustrative and informative, or just plain beautifully practical. Come on, show us your masterplan! You know you want to…

9 Comments on “I Like a Good Masterplan

  1. Hey, I’m growing Red Baron onions too! But I’ve got something digging mine up. It’s really irritating. Have you had any problems?

  2. Yep, I’m doing Red Baron too. Mine don’t get dug up, but some of them do get pulled up by the birds – perhaps that’s what’s going on?

  3. It’s the birds. They pull them up because they think they are worms I think.

    Make sure to replant them into another hole rather than just push them back in since this will stop root damage and also stop them pushing themselves up once they grow.

  4. Hey, great plan. I have to admit to stealing your idea. I saw a previous plan a while back and I had a go at my own. Check it out on my blog if you fancy. It’s not as creative as yours maybe but it’s a start. The great thing about making one and taking so much time over it, is that I know my plot from memory. while looking at bare patches of mud, I can imagine thriving brassicas and lovely tomatoes. Respect to you for making the effort. It looks great! And my girlfriend thinks I am a lunatic.

  5. Hi Luke thanks for posting. I did link to your plan in my initial post. Seeing your plan made me think that others must have them too!