Enough Rain Already!

Okay – that’s enough rain now. No really, it’s starting to get tedious. I mean day after day after day after… it really is too much. On our visit to Heligan (Lost Gardens of) last weekend (in the rain, obviously) I happily scoffed at the so-called experts’ shallots which were nothing more than rotting, soggy […]

Broadbean & New Potato Salad

Potato salad is such a great little meal. You can make it, chuck it in the fridge and be eating it for days. We took ours to Cornwall on our weekend roadtrip and had a picnic at Roadchef (not the most idyllic of settings but hey it’s the best the M5 had to offer at […]

Time to Sow Winter Veg

It’s time to start thinking about how mtp will look in the winter months. Bad planning now will result in empty beds (and tums) in winter. My first year on mtp I didn’t sow any veg for winter – I just didn’t think about it. And when it came around to September / October when […]

Flowering Dill

Even though Dill flowers are delicately beautiful, remember to nip them off in order to encourage the plant to produce more leaves. Oh and nip off those onion flowers too if they appear. You’ll probably get the odd onion that decides to bolt but if you let them flower they’ll be no good for storing.

Petals and Thorns

Today our new house was finally connected to the internet. Honestly, why is ‘getting broadband’ still such an issue. It seems like nothing has changed in the last five years. Back then it was painful to get the internet installed but I found it easy to forgive because we were all new to this ‘Web […]

Halejulah for Carrots!

Holy heck, I’ve actually managed to harvest some carrots that are not either so small you need a magnifying glass to see them, so forked that they’re impossible to eat or so infested with carrot fly that err… you wouldn’t want to eat them anyway. This is the batch that I sowed direct in the […]

The Secret Garden

We just moved house (last week infact) and I’ve started work on bringing the garden back to life. Our new house is pretty cool, bigger, better, quieter, now featuring a garage – the usual. But it was the garden that really sold it to me. The minute I stepped foot into the garden I knew […]