Flowering Dill

Dill flower
Even though Dill flowers are delicately beautiful, remember to nip them off in order to encourage the plant to produce more leaves. Oh and nip off those onion flowers too if they appear. You’ll probably get the odd onion that decides to bolt but if you let them flower they’ll be no good for storing.

5 Comments on “Flowering Dill

  1. What a beautiful picture – I love things that are this green, and the tiny aphid on one of the florets makes it just so real. I’m new to gardening and I’ve been enjoying your postings for the last few months since I discovered this site. So far my planting has been fairly haphazard and only sporadically successful, so I’m glad of your tips – I’ll go home tonight and nip the flowers off the dill I’ve grown from seed!

  2. Wow! Great eyes, seeing that aphid- I’m impressed!

  3. Hi,
    I am interested in purchasing flowering dill in order to can some dill pickles.

    Where can I purchase? I live in Lakewood, CA which is right next to Long Beach.

    Thanks so much for your help.

  4. Hi Arthur,

    I just bought some seed from my local nursery. Otherwise you can buy it online.

  5. hi i planting ashitaba on my garden and its flower almost the same like dill flower. you can see the ashitaba flower from my blog at this link