Petals and Thorns

Chapeau de Napoleon
Today our new house was finally connected to the internet. Honestly, why is ‘getting broadband’ still such an issue. It seems like nothing has changed in the last five years. Back then it was painful to get the internet installed but I found it easy to forgive because we were all new to this ‘Web thing’ and you had to cut them some slack. But now I have no sympathy – it should be as easy as switching your utilities from one owner to another. I found this rose in my garden, it’s called Chapeau de Napoleon (because the buds look like his hat). Here’s to happy thoughts and the fact that now I can post to my blog from the comfort of my own home rather than the local Starbucks. Yeyhaa!

8 Comments on “Petals and Thorns

  1. hello, i’ve just stumbled on your site; it’s really lovely. very beautifully put together.

    i’ve just re-started gardening from april and i just love it. it really is essential for my life.

    i can see i’ll be checking in regularly.

    just been transplanting seedlings and re-potting.

    bye, madame cholet

  2. Nice rose! Here in NJ, Verizon is rolling out it’s FIOS (fiber optic lines) and it seems to be getting easier to sign up. I’m happy with it, you get phone, interenet and TV all for one price.

    Blogging from Starbucks was probably fun for a while but nothing beats the comfort of your own home.

  3. This is a great site, I especially like the pictures, bold and beautiful. I will be back, thanks

  4. Hi Gill,
    Yeh, you’re connected to the internet. I’ve
    been having an awful time with mine…they say
    because of old phone lines and being too far
    from the main line.
    What a beautiful find! How did you know the name?
    I can hardly wait to see what treasures will ensue from your garden.
    Love, Marta

  5. I discovered e Chapeau de Napoleon in Victoria Magaine, now defunct. The brief description says it was named because of it looked like Napoleon’s hat. It was used as a lapel flower, a boutionnier (pardon by French spelling).

  6. Well, that is certainly fine, however what about the other choices we’ve got here? Would you mind crafting a further post regarding all of them too? Thanks a bunch!