Autumn Lettuce Harvest

It’s surprising what you can dig out of your garden at this time of year. Here you can see my recent Autumn salad harvest which includes: the blanched Endive, first Corn Salad, the last of the 4 Seasons lettuce and (amazingly) a cucumber! Not bad for a late October day. A couple of weeks ago […]

Radicchio for Winter

This is some of the Radicchio that I sowed back in June. It’s doing very well and turning a lovely shade of purple in the continuing cold weather. It needs a while to heart up a bit more before I harvest it. I’m guessing I will be tucking into it next month some time. I […]

Blanching Endive

If your Endive is nearly ready, like mine, then it’s time to blanch some of the leaves so that they don’t taste too bitter. There are various ways to do this. Some people advocate using a plate. This is where you place a place on top of the Endive to block out the light. This […]