Dig Life into Your Soil

I was recently photographed (and soon to be interviewed) for a forthcoming feature in the Mail on Sunday entitled ‘Digging Life into your Soil’. At first I thought – well, how much can be said on the subject of digging? But then when I thought about it I realised that not only is there much […]

My Tiny Garden Diary

The days after Christmas are a great time for getting your affairs in order. You have some time off and hopefully you’re swimming in new gardening books, and bursting with ideas about the new season. I’ve been using this time to finish off my garden diary which I have been writing for the past year. […]

Christmas Decorations

After a short foraging expedition in the countryside we have decorated the house. I love the way that you can find so many amazing Christmas decorations, right outside your front door. I started to dry out some oranges (bought of course) and some leaves from my Bay tree about a week ago with the idea […]

I Am Thankful For…

Well Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago but since Landscape Juice kindly tagged me with his Thankful Meme I guess I should tell you all what I’m thankful for: Here goes. 1) Firstly, I’m thankful for Ryan and my baby. Naturally. But I’m also thankful for: 2) My Seed Box – it really is the […]

The Big Clearout

Before: After: It’s started – the big clearout I mean. As you can see a while ago this was a jungle of matted climbers, trellis and fallen fruit. Now it looks like a garden in a suburb of a war-torn city. It’s not pretty I know but it’s what’s going on in my back yard […]

Digging out the Christmas Stuff

It’s December 2nd and time to start thinking about Christmas decoration – although we probably won’t get a tree until the week after next. My box of treasured ornaments came down from the loft (including the new addition of a glass version of the Empire State Building – my personal favourite this year). The fairy […]