My Tiny Garden Diary

The days after Christmas are a great time for getting your affairs in order. You have some time off and hopefully you’re swimming in new gardening books, and bursting with ideas about the new season. I’ve been using this time to finish off my garden diary which I have been writing for the past year. I started it in January 2007 and it’s just about finished. I have been recording everything that I sow, plant, or prune in the garden and the week of the year that I do it in. When certain plants don’t germinate or they are sown too early I have crossed them out. Today I have been transferring the data to a new notebook since the old one fell apart because I left it out in the rain one day. Now that I have a complete year of information I can start to fine tune it into a very useful list of ‘to dos’. Yes I know there are books out there that I can use to do the same thing but this is done week by week and applies to my garden, in my location, with my weather systems and includes only veg that I like. Basically, it’s all about me!

9 Comments on “My Tiny Garden Diary

  1. Not many garden bloggers still have a handwritten dairy of sorts. Most just post it on their blog. I think a paper journal can be more useful in keeping track of the small changes in the garden.

  2. Also you can take your notes into the garden and carry them in your pocket! – very useful

  3. I love this post and the book sounds fantastic.
    I’ve started to use My Folia to record all my postings for future reference but its nothing like having the hard copy to refer to as and when you like.

  4. Snap! I use a RHS diary as shown on my blog today. I like both the online and handwritten diary approaches as they both have their time and place. Also the RHS diary is a thing of beauty even if my garden or plot aren’t!

  5. I used to do exactly the same with a hand-written diary of what happened to each vegetable that I like to grow. But I found that it got very confused over time as I tried to track the different batches of plants that I had sown.
    I now use the website I’ve developped for planning vegetable gardens: which not only produces the plans and lists but emails personalised reminders about when to sow and plant out. At last my plans can be re-printed if they get dirty or accidently rained on…

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  7. i love the garden-diary go on writing. i am exited to read on.

    i hope, no my comment will show up.