Christmas Decorations

oranges and bay leaf
After a short foraging expedition in the countryside we have decorated the house. I love the way that you can find so many amazing Christmas decorations, right outside your front door. I started to dry out some oranges (bought of course) and some leaves from my Bay tree about a week ago with the idea that they would make cute ornaments for the mantel decorations, or I could use them on a wreath for the front door.

Mantel decorations
We collected lots of Yew boughs, Holly, Ivy, and Laurel. Then we tied them together to make this sparkly mantel garland for the dining room. We also made a snowy scene on top of the piano using a white tablecloth (for snow) some candles, baubles and some Holly. We used the Oranges and Bay leaves to add some colour and also some gold ribbon. Of course we had to have a glass of mulled wine while we were making the decorations (extra Orange juice for me!). It all looks very festive and very ‘handmade’ which is just what I was hoping for! It’s amazing what you can do if you just go out and look at what the landscape can provide, even in the depths of winter.

3 Comments on “Christmas Decorations

  1. Those are such beautiful and simple decorations! I will HAVE to do this next year.

    We push whole cloves into oranges and mandarins and set them on our mantel. As the fire warms, the aroma of cloves and oranges is wonderful! So bay leaves will be a natural fit!

    Katie at GardenPunks

  2. Have an excellent Christmas, MTP & Co.! The new year’s gonna be the BEST garden year yet…I can feel it! :)