Red Baron’s Again

Despite the demolition that is going on in the garden right now I’m still managing to do a little preparation for the coming season. I planted up some onion sets (Red Baron) in small pots. Normally, I’d put them straight into the ground however since I don’t have any beds to put them in right […]

Dig for the Future

Welcome to any new readers who are visiting because you read my article in the Mail on Sunday today. If you’re new to My Tiny Plot you might want to start at the beginning to see how I cleared and created my allotment from scratch. Alternatively, you can use the Tags on the right hand […]

Clearing out the Garden

Before: After: The garden is slowly being cleared ready for the landscapers to start on Feb 14th. As you can see we have lifted the patio and all the brick pathways within the beds. We’ve also taken up all the Bath stone that surrounded the pathways, scraped up all the gravel from the larger pathways […]

Wet January Gardening

A quick update on the plans for the garden. We had a quote from a couple of different landscapers and we decided to go with the nice chap who runs Littlescapes. We were very impressed with his work ethic, friendliness and all round dedication to the job. Plus he insisted on coming over to meet […]

Which Apple Variety?

As part of the redesign of my garden I have been busy researching which varieties of fruit trees I should plant. One of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make is which apple varieties to go for. Apple’s are split into pollination groups. A group is made up of those trees that flower at […]

First Signs of Life

If you look really closely (possibly with the aid of a magnifying glass) you can just about see that the first signs of life in the garden are showing. The Garlic that I planted back in November is showing its tiny green, pointy head and so are the Tulip bulbs that were planted just afterwards. […]