Dig for the Future


Welcome to any new readers who are visiting because you read my article in the Mail on Sunday today. If you’re new to My Tiny Plot you might want to start at the beginning to see how I cleared and created my allotment from scratch. Alternatively, you can use the Tags on the right hand side to drill down to an area you’re interested in, such as recipes or tips and tricks. Or you can use the timeline to see what was going on at mtp in a specific month, such as April 2007.

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10 Comments on “Dig for the Future

  1. A good article – as was the additional plug in ‘Amateur Gardening’ last week!

  2. Well done! What an achievement! I have been reading your blog for around a year or so, and it was your blog that actually inspired me to start my own blog called the Smallest Smallholding. Funnily enough just as you’ve given up your allotment, I’ve just managed to take one on in addition to my ‘smallest smallholding’ – should be quite a challenge!

    I didn’t manage to get the paper (car broke down yesterday) so haven’t been able to read the article – is there anywhere else I can get hold of it?

  3. Yay MTP fame! You’ll be pleased to hear I bought a soil-testing kit yesterday, progress :)

  4. I would call it nepotism – but I dont know him, was he at journalist school with you?

    They say money comes to money, but I have never heard of the press coming to the press (ex) ;OI

  5. Hi Gill,
    Sorry to barge in here but i cant find a [leave a message] on your main page, Im not to clued up on computers so im praying this message gets to you. I found your site as i was looking through the BBC site with his honourable Alan titchmarsh and co and cant find what im after there either [down to me being p.c. illiterate] Ive had an allotment for 4 months now and only just got the weeds down and my beds ready [manure filled to build up] Im not the greatest gardener in the world but i do love the idea of growing veg/fruit. Ive recently sowed every from A-Z to see what comes on [in my greenhouse] coz its still cold here [Newcastle] and 90% have started growing BUT im having trouble with sprouts and cabbage [only 5% is growing] Ive sowed more or less everything i can get my hands on just to see what happens and hopefully broaden my knowledge as to what my allotment and me are capable of. If you have any tips on growing sprouts and cabbage from seed in a greenhouse then id really appreciate it if you would let me know if you get time that is. thankyou in advance Neil.

  6. Oh and what does [mtp mean?] is it a gardening term for something? sorry im just nosey.

  7. Hi mtp, got my garden up and running and had a fewwwww problems with mermaids tail but the whole site has to so im not that upset, still having problems with sprouts for some reason, ive tried keeping them wrapped in my arms and giving others the hard treatment but it doesnt seem to work!!!! the only one’s thast are growing are the one’s ive drained liquid from horse manure and kept them seperate from the rest, so im guessing the pests that keep attacking my new plants dont like the concentrated flavour from manure. either that or i had a bad batch of seeds. anyway hope alll is well and you managed that tomato and basil recipe you mentioned.

  8. Hi Neil,

    Sorry about your Sprouts. I have only grown them once and I actually bought the plant from the garden centre. They seem to need lots of light. I planted them in the sunniest part of the garden and they still weren’t ready for Christmas!
    My husband doesn’t like them and that’s why I only grew one or two plants.
    Sorry I can’t be more helpful.