Clearing out the Garden

garden latest

garden latest

The garden is slowly being cleared ready for the landscapers to start on Feb 14th. As you can see we have lifted the patio and all the brick pathways within the beds. We’ve also taken up all the Bath stone that surrounded the pathways, scraped up all the gravel from the larger pathways and removed the wood that made up the major beds. The frog is in shock.

It’s been a lot of hard work and it’s not done yet since we still have to remove all the tree stumps. A task for which we have bought quite possibly the coolest tool ever – a wrecking bar! Not only does it have a super crazy name but is also about 6 feet in length. It makes you want to hold it in a Karate stance while singing ‘Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting’. And I would – if I could lift the thing! I suspect it might be a boy-only tool. Damn it.

But what’s it for? Well it’s the tool of choice for all discerning stump-removalists (apparently) so with at least 5 very averagely sized stumps to remove what else could we do but kit ourselves out with the best that Travis Perkins could offer? No really, we even bought some steel toe-capped boots and everything! Stumps – your days are numbered.

And… just a quick shout out to Freecycle – the best way to remove heavy stuff from your garden without actually lifting a finger. If you don’t have a group for your city then make one. Since clearing the garden we have advertised the stone slabs, concrete slabs, bricks, Bath stone and the bench. All have been claimed and most have been removed. Freecycle rocks!

8 Comments on “Clearing out the Garden

  1. I’ll second that plug for Freecycle. I’ve got rid of loads of good stuff through Freecycle and in return picked up 6 builders bags of organic topsoil for my hopelessly sandy garden. That’s like golddust – you can’t even buy good organic topsoil and someone had the idea of offering it on Freecycle! Well worth getting into…

  2. That wrecking bar looks like a crowbar on steroids! A lot of work but worth it in the end.

  3. It’s so great to see how things are coming together, or conversely, getting torn apart. Can’t wait to see where this takes you!

    Katie at GardenPunks

  4. Love the site, I like to pop over to have a look at how you are getting on now and again; I am doing similar work on a new garden we have moved into in the Autumn (shown in my blog). There is lots to do still as it was a blank canvas, so getting ideas from you and others is really helpful. Keep up the good work – and well done on the newspaper article!!!

  5. I am so jealous, our ground is still frozen solid and 8 inches of snow on the way!

    I want to be out in the muck!

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