Protecting Peas from Pea Moth

If your peas are flowering, like mine are, then now is the time time to cover the plants with Enviromesh. Pea moths lay their eggs on the flowers of peas at this time of year and the resulting tiny, cream-coloured grub will burrow into your pea-pods ready for you to find later on in the […]

Queen Cox Applet

After a very short blossom period and a few quick hand-pollination attempts from me I think we have some Queen Cox apples growing! I’m very excited.

Garden latest

Quite a few of you have been asking me how the garden is looking now after the redesign so I thought I would post a photo of how the garden is shaping up. The squares on the left hand side of the garden get the most sun and so that’s where most of the vegetables […]

First Salad

Okay so not all of this meal came from my garden. The tomatoes are shop bought and the mange tout, and obviously the tuna but everything else is mine, mine, mine! The salad consists of Little Gem lettuce, Red Spinach leaves, Mizuna and Chives. And guess what – it was yummy! Here’s looking forward to […]

10 Jobs for May

Spring is definitely here. Most seeds sown now will germinate fairly quickly and frost tender plants can go out at the end of the month. Sow Runner Beans either in cold frame or direct in your prepared bean trench Sow Sweetcorn in modules or toilet roll tubes in coldframe Sow French Beans directly into the […]

Successional Veg

When I first started vegetable gardening I was very confused about what constituted a successional vegetable. Gardeners on TV shows and in books were always harping on about ‘carrying on with your successional sowings’ like everyone knew what to do. I didn’t. So, now that I get it I thought it would be helpful to […]

Gathering Pea Sticks

My pea seedlings are romping away and some of them are even flopping over they are so big. So when I was out walking yesterday and spotted some twiggy branches lying on the ground after a windy night, I took the opportunity to gather my first harvest of pea sticks. Pea sticks are a must […]