My Christmas Mantel Village

This year I finally got around to starting my Christmas Mantel Village. I spied this one last year over at Posy Gets Cozy and immediately hatched a plan to make it my own. Unfortunately, I ran out of time last year so this year I made sure to get organised and buy all the paper, […]

2009 My Tiny Plot Calendar

This year I made myself a little Christmas present – a calendar featuring some of my favourite photos from the past year here at mtp. I used online printing service to create it and when it arrived a few days ago I eagerly unwrapped it to see if it was exactly what I wanted. […]

10 Jobs for December

In December it’s all about tidying up, getting as much digging done when it’s not frosty and generally preparing for the worst of the Winter weather. You might even think about insulating your cold frame if you have any plants in there. But don’t forget to carry on enjoying the fruits of your summer labour […]

Oh Hey, How About an Eggnog?

If there’s one thing that really says Christmas for me it’s Eggnog. I first tasted Eggnog about six years ago. We were visiting a friend of ours who lives in Vail (alright for some eh?). And he invited us back to his mum and dad’s little house tucked up in the hills far away from […]

Shuush! Secret Santa

It’s Chriiiiiiiiistmas! And I’m making a little something for my Secret Santa. I have to confess that I’m enjoying the ‘make do and mend’ aspect of this recession. It gets you thinking about things in a different way which can only be a good thing. Making something, with my own hands holds a lot of meaning […]

Winter Harvest

I’m certainly glad that I’m not relying on my garden for sustinance right now but I’m also always amazed by the way the garden looks empty but when I get out there I can bring in a winter harvest like this. As you can see I picked some Leeks, Spinach, Parsnips and the last Spring […]