Tomatoes and Basil

Call me old-fashioned but I do like a nice Tricolore. Especially, when the Tomatoes ‘and’ the Basil come straight from the garden. There’s nothing like a nice slice of Mozzarella coupled with Tomatoes and Basil and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Très healthy too. I also like Black Forest Gateaux and Arctic Roll!

Photo Mission: First Signs of Autumn

Here is your next photo mission. We’re looking for the first signs of Autumn in your garden. That could be some swelling Pumpkins like the one above. Some Autumn fruit like Apples, Grapes, Raspberries or late Blueberries that are still on the plant or in your harvest basket. Or some seeds that you’ve saved for […]

Blueberries Kick In To Autumn

Plants have a one-track mind. All they want to do is reproduce. Sometimes we forget this. But sometimes it’s so blatantly obvious that we can’t avoid it. Take my Blueberries for instance. These two plants are the same variety (Chandler), the same size, planted at the same time in the same sized pots, into the […]

Tiny Turk’s Turban

So I have to admit our neighbours were fantastic at freezing our Raspberries for us while we were away. Full marks for that. They weren’t, however, quite so good at watering plants – infact I’m forced to give a ‘nil point’ Eurovision style, since one of my plants actually died from lack of water. Which […]

Post Holiday Harvesting

I’m back! And look what was waiting for me in the garden. Heaven! We had a long drive home and I stopped off at M & S (as you do) to get some essentials since we had no food at home. I nearly bought some Lettuce (and some Tomatoes – I’ve no faith) but I […]

My Tiny Grape Vine

Yes mtp has a Grape vine. I’m extremely lucky in that when we moved into our house the garden had not one but two established Grape vines. One of them was growing on a pergola that was in the middle of the garden so when we had our garden landscaped, unfortunately, it had to go. […]

How to Save Seed Potatoes

While I was on a pruning course a few weeks ago I met a very interesting guy called Bill Whitehead. He knew tons and tons about Potatoes and their history in the UK. He showed me an example of the oldest known variety of Potato still grown in the UK – The Yam. It dates […]

My Tiny Photos

I get quite a lot of questions about my photography so I thought I would answer some of them here so that those who are interested can benefit too. It’s quite an odd pass-time; taking photos of vegetables, but I love it. I just love the shapes and the colours and the light at different […]