Photo Mission: First Signs of Autumn

Here is your next photo mission. We’re looking for the first signs of Autumn in your garden. That could be some swelling Pumpkins like the one above.

Some Autumn fruit like Apples, Grapes, Raspberries or late Blueberries that are still on the plant or in your harvest basket.

Or some seeds that you’ve saved for next year’s sowings. Whatever it is that catches your eye, take a photo of it, send it to me over at gill[at] I will then choose a winner and compile the best photos for publishing here.

And…the best thing about this particular photo mission is that there is a neat prize for the winner. The lovely people over at The Handpicked Collection have given this set of three gorgeous wicker cloches as the prize. How very generous! Not only that but they have agreed to ship the prize anywhere in the world so the competition is open to all readers, everywhere.

What are you waiting for? Go go go!

10 Comments on “Photo Mission: First Signs of Autumn

  1. ooh lovely cloches. Do you have a closing date Gill for receiving photos? My garden’s a bit confused as to which season it’s in (I’ve got strawberries coming up again!)

  2. umm closing date. Hadn’t really thought of that. Let’s say next Friday (2nd Oct).

  3. Aaaargh I’m at work and need to be outside taking piccies. Those beeeeeeooooooootiful cloches are incentive indeed, although I think it’s going to be hard to beat the pumpkin.

  4. Hi Deb – that’s fine – you can send in more than one. Just don’t bombard me :)