Getting Ready to Force Rhubarb

My new Rhubarb forcer! Father Christmas ‘did’ know where to buy one. Hooray! I’ll be putting it to work very soon. Once my Rhubarb is showing a few more signs of life I will be placing the forcer on top to block out the light and encourage the shoots to grow tall and tender. I’ve […]

Wooden Train Set Table

Since Jackson already has a boggling array of presents under the tree from friends and family we decided to make him a present this year (well sort of). A cafe in town has a cute little train set that has been glued to a table top to make a train set. He loves it! So […]

Broccoli All Tucked Up

We’ve had some snow at mtp (hooray!). Not a whole lot but enough to get me worried about my Broccoli. So last night I threw a fleece over them. This morning it was like waking up to the three spirits out of A Christmas Carol. A bit spooky! Underneath their blanket though they’re bearing it […]

Deck the Halls

So I went on a mad foraging mission and found all this lovely greenery. I had to make two trips I found so much gorgeous stuff. Very heavy on the green (Laurel, Holly, Yew and assorted other stuff) quite light on the red (could only find one branch of red berries and a bunch of […]

First Signs of Sprouting Broccoli

I’m pretty sure I saw the first signs of my future Sprouting Broccoli harvest today. Each branch has a tiny little sprout, tinged with purple, beginning to show. This is where the small bunches of curds will form. Ooh I can hardly wait. Purple Sprouting Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables from the garden. […]

Super-Easy Mini Yule Logs

It’s Chriiiiiistmas! And in the spirit I made these Super-Easy Mini Yule Logs for a kids Christmas party that Jackson went to. They are so easy but look quite the part. Simply buy some ready made mini chocolate rolls, then cover each one with chocolate icing (bought or made whichever you have time for). Then […]

Impromptu Seed Saving

Finally!… I was able to get into the garden today. As dank and mouldy as everything was I managed to do some tidying up. And while I was rummaging in the undergrowth I found something which made me smile. A Coriander plant (I think you call it Cilantro in the US) that had apparently gone […]

How to Winter-Prune a Grape Vine

My Tiny Grape Vine is a bit of star in my garden. It sits in the far corner, quietly doing its thing. And then in September it produces the sweetest, tiniest black grapes you can imagine. It sounds like I don’t really have to do anything but sit here and wait for the Grapes but […]