Strawberries Ready to Ripen

My Strawberries are almost ready to ripen. They’re quite big but still green. It was mid June by the time we were eating Strawberries last year and what with the set back earlier in the year it could be later than that this year. I just hope they ripen before we go on holiday! Arghhh! […]

Sweet William

I actually tried to grow Sweet William last year. I sowed the seed, the plant came up and grew quite well but never flowered. It then didn’t die back over Winter. So I left it in the ground, through all the snow and frost and wet. Then in early Spring it started to grow again […]

Ten Steps to Blight-free Tomatoes

> It’s about this time of year that I start to fuss and worry about blight on my Tomatoes. I’ve never really been able to relax since The Year the Tomatoes Died. So I thought I would re-publish this little article that I wrote last year for the Guardian Gardening blog. I will be doing […]

Tayberries Beating the Raspberries

The Tayberry that I planted back in March has flowered and is now setting fruit! I hadn’t anticipated seeing fruit this early. I thought they would come at the same time as the Raspberries which are only just budding up. But they must be earlier in general. I haven’t really done anything to the bush […]