Tayberries Beating the Raspberries

The Tayberry that I planted back in March has flowered and is now setting fruit! I hadn’t anticipated seeing fruit this early. I thought they would come at the same time as the Raspberries which are only just budding up. But they must be earlier in general.

I haven’t really done anything to the bush since I put it in. I have watered it a bit because the pot is quite close to the wall and sometimes misses the rain. But apart from that the plant has done everything itself.

There must be around eight or nine Tayberries on the bush and I can’t wait to taste them. I’m going to wait until they’re mega ripe to pick them so I get the full flavour. Under gardener is worried that the birds will take them (he’s still traumatized by what happened to the Blueberries last year) but I don’t think this will be a problem since the birds don’t go for the Raspberries and it’s a similar situation.

Does anyone have experience with a Tayberry – do I need to net against the birds?

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  1. Wow, ive never seen Tayberry fruit before! That image is stunning by the way! In regards to the birds, i’d take a better safe than sorry approach, i too have also had a blueberry related incident with birds!…never again!

  2. Such a lovely space you have here. I’ve been reading for about a month now and look forward to your posts on cold frame planting and all the interesting and different varieties you grow. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I’m growing a Tayberry ina very large tub, but this is it’s first year ;0)

  4. I’ve got a Tayberry plant on the allotment that someone donated to us a couple of years ago when it was still small. It didn’t fruit at all last year but you’ve just reminded me I need to have a look at it this year and see what it’s doing. :)

    As for netting, I wasn’t going to bother to be honest, although if they do get eaten I may think again next year lol

  5. i have never had a tayberry: it certainly looks like a gorgeous berry!

  6. I have some tayberries nexto to raspberries and blackcurrants. Last year the birds didn’t really bother with anything, but I do feed them alternatives, and leave wild strawberries for them.

  7. This is the first year for my Tayberry which is planted amongst my Raspberries no netting over them so will leave them like that and keep an eye on them! Should be ok, different story for my strawberries though! Had the first two ripening lovely went to the plot today and they are gone! :-( and they are covered with netting!

  8. I’ve had tayberries for 3 years now and the birds love them so unless you are very quick to pick it’s best to net them. I find the birds prefer raspberries, then tayberries then blackberries. I have all mine growing next to each other so it’s quite easy to compare.

    They don’t bother with my currants quite as much or the gooseberries at all but probably because of all the other fruit above!

  9. I have five tayberry plants on my allotment and get so much fruit off them I dont worry about birds, they’re welcome, the plants are a sort of divide between me and my neighbour and he gets any fruit on his side so they feed two families and anyone who drops in and are willing to pick their own

  10. Tayberries ripen very early in the season on two year old wood, and you will get a much bigger crop next year. Cut out the old wood after it has fruited so the new growth has room. Birds? If you have Robins, they get all berries-especially early ones. I had to put Remey (a very light weight row cover) over the berries to get any at all. Bird netting is a pain unless you make a frame to drape it over. The Remey comes right off and does not snag. I use clothes pins to attach it. Also, the all blackberry types like to be tied up to some kind of support. In the garden you need to contain their growth or they take over. Very much worth the effort though.

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