Halloween Votives

We’re going to a spooky Halloween party in the park tonight so I spent some time making these Halloween votives to guide us as we scoff our Horror Mix jellies and Tiffin. I got the idea over at Skip to My Lou, a great little crafting blog. They’re so easy to make. All you need […]

My Grape Gets an Early Prune

Now you see it. Now you don’t. I decided to prune my Grape vine early since I may be slightly busy with a newborn baby come the end of November. So I’m trying to get organised and do some of my garden chores now. It shouldn’t make any difference that I pruned it early as […]

Perry Pears at Dyrham Park

I have to confess I hadn’t much idea what a Perry Pear was before I went to Dyrham Park’s Perry Pear Day yesterday. I was lured in by the promise of a tour around the ‘old orchard’ and turned up with hopes of being let into a secret garden full of perfectly manicured fruit trees. […]

My Garden Through the Seasons

Spring – everything is all green and bouncy! Summer – many of the plants are bigger and in full production. Autumn – large empty patches appear and the Winter veg take over. Winter – the garden is coated in frost and snow and everything is sleeping. I love looking back over the seasons. Taking lots […]

Why Do My Peppers Taste Bitter?

I harvested all of my Bell Peppers today (Capsicum). I didn’t realise that the three plants I had were so laden with fruit. I’ve harvested about 15 Peppers – not bad! The only problem is that they are a bit bitter. Too bitter to eat raw at least. It’s disappointing, especially since they look so […]

How to Save Borlotti Bean Seed

Some of my Borlotti beans had naturally started to dry on the wigwam so I decided to put some aside for seed next year (I’m definitely growing Borlotti Beans again!). Just a few tips for saving Borlotti Bean seed: Leave them on the plant as long as you can Ideally wait to pick the pod […]

Why You’re Never Quite in Charge

There’s a funny story behind this Pumpkin. Firstly, I’ve no idea what variety it is. I’m guessing it’s a Jack be Little or other small Pumpkin variety. The reason I don’t know is that it sprouted from a seed that was in my compost bin. When I emptied the compost out last Autumn I noticed […]