When is a Peach Ready?

The short answer is when you can give it a gentle twist… just like this… and it comes away from the tree easily, like this. If it needs to be tugged at then it’s not ready.

Giant Sweetcorn

Actually, this is probably not giant sweetcorn but more ‘normal’ sweetcorn. But wow, I wish my sweetcorn were this tall. Mine is about half the height of this one I found in Colorado. Sweetcorn really is a warm weather vegetable isn’t it? It loves to be baked in hot, hot sun and in the UK […]


My sister-in-law is sorting Cucumber, yellow Squash and Courgettes – now what to do with them all? Any recipes ideas for her? Before she forces me to take some home :)

Denver Botanical Gardens

I recently visited the Denver Botanical Gardens and somewhere in the depths of the gorgeous, lush gardens, and ponds full of lilies there is a kitchen garden, quietly growing in the heat. It’s compact but packed full of kitchen favourites, plus an abundance of the heat-loving fruits like Tomatillos (or are they Physalis, I can […]

The Sweetest of Peas

The Sweetpeas have arrived, and even if I do say so myself, have arrived in style! I can not get enough of them. The fragrance, the colour, the ‘oh my gosh I can’t keep up with you’ production rate. Honestly, I picked the whole lot a few days ago. Every last one, there was not […]