When is a Peach Ready?

The short answer is when you can give it a gentle twist…

just like this…

and it comes away from the tree easily, like this. If it needs to be tugged at then it’s not ready.

4 Comments on “When is a Peach Ready?

  1. Congrats! It looks luscious and as an Australian coming into the end of winter I am quite envious.
    Thank you for MTP. You’ve inspired me to make the most of the little garden I have which now sports dwarf fruit trees, herb beds, and a compost bin that supports a wide variety of wildlife ;)

  2. Another fab post! Truly inspirational. Wish I was confident enough to grow fruit but will get there in time (I hope). Thanks again for a great site!

  3. Looks great…..right that’s it I need a peach tree in my garden somehow….off to think how and where!

  4. Damo – you really don’t need that much room. Mine is against a wall (south facing) and I have fan-trained it. I grow Tomatoes in the bed in front of it so I don’t even lose the room I had previously in the bed.