Saving Tomato Seed

This year I grew some Sweetpea Currant Tomatoes, a not-so-little bush variety that produces Tomatoes no bigger than a pea. They were beautiful. Not only did they taste very, very sweet but their tiny jewel-like fruits looked amazing on the plants and produced bucket-loads of Tomatoes. They were a real hit. The only problem is […]

How to Roast Sweet Chestnuts

We are really lucky to have a Sweet Chestnut tree at the end of our driveway. It’s not strictly our tree but the tree is so big that there is a carpet of chestnuts there every year and you can almost hear the squirrels rubbing their hands. So when my friend came around the other […]

My Lovely Homemaker Collection

I have been collecting Ridway Homemaker crockery for about two years now and my collection is almost complete, so I thought it was high time I took a few photos of it. You can find more about the history of Homemaker here. But for my part I just love the black and white vintage furniture […]

Baby Beetroot Leaves

At this time of year I’m pulling up the last of my Beetroot. Some of them, however, are not quite big enough to eat. With these you can plant them up into their own little pot and either place them under a cloche, or in the coldframe. Just nip off the existing leaves and give […]