How to Roast Sweet Chestnuts

We are really lucky to have a Sweet Chestnut tree at the end of our driveway. It’s not strictly our tree but the tree is so big that there is a carpet of chestnuts there every year and you can almost hear the squirrels rubbing their hands.

So when my friend came around the other day and the kids needed some ‘outdoor play’ we decided to go do a little ‘cleaning up’ under the tree.

Having foraged enough for both of us we brought them home to roast. I’ve never done it before so I looked it up and here’s how:

Oven on 200c/400f/gas6. Score a cross into the skin of each chestnut, put into a roasting tin and roast for 30mins.


Preferably from a brown paper bag, while taking a walk on a blustery Autumn day. Or… infront of the TV. Your choice.

9 Comments on “How to Roast Sweet Chestnuts

  1. The 1st time I roasted`chestnuts I put them in the oven without scoreing the skin. Bang…… and cleaning up bits of nuts for weeks.

  2. My boys have been collecting sweet chestnuts at school this year. There seems to be some debate as to whether or not they can be eaten raw. Consensus seems to be, yes, but they are not as nice due to the high level of tannins and you shouldn’t have more than one or two. What are others thought on raw sweet chestnuts?

  3. In Spain we cook them on the BBQ. It is a typical thing to do every hallowing. Usually you can buy them on the street ready made inside a ball of newspaper. mmm just thinking of it :)

  4. Just discovered your wonderful blog, perfect reminder to go to the local woodland this weekend where these grow. The trees in my garden have some growing to do before they start producing nuts! Now following you on twitter too, i’m @gardeningexpres over there!

    keep up the good work

    Chris – Gardening Express

  5. I absolutely love the smell of chestnuts – it always reminds me of Christmas, as I’m sure it does a lot of other people! Princes Street in Edinburgh always has a few stalls out starting around this time of year – I’ll have to get out next time I’m up to visit my son.

    Only just discovered this blog, but will be sure to check back.